Crocodile mouth skid board

Group Crocodile mouth skid board
Min. Order 50 square meter
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Update Time 2020-04-15
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Crocodile mouth skid board
Crocodile mouth skid board

Crocodile mouth anti-skid plate material: iron plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and other plate

thickness: 1-5mm (according to customer requirements) 
hole shape: crocodile mouth, round hole, drum type (customized according to customer requirements) 
characteristics: good anti-skid effect, long service life, beautiful and generous appearance. 
Application: the material of anti-skid plate produced by our company includes iron plate, aluminum plate, etc., 
the thickness is 1mm ≤ 5mm, the pass can be divided into flanging type, crocodile mouth type, bulging type and so on. Because the anti-skid plate has good anti-skid and beauty, it has a wide range of applications in industrial plant, such as indoor and outdoor staircase stepping, anti-skid aisle, production workshop, traffic facilities and so on. It is used in public places aisle, workshop, site and so on. Reduce the inconvenience caused by slippery pavement, protect the personal safety of personnel, and bring convenience to the construction. Play an effective protective role in a special environment.